[TowerTalk] Mosley TA33-JR-N-WARC and a hazer

Ted Sarah w8tts@gwis.com
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 14:05:05 +0000

I've got a Mosley TA33-JR-N-WARC on order and I want to mount it on a
tower that uses a hazer.  Now my quandary, I'm concerned that it won't
fit on the hazer properly or at all.  Does anyone have a TA33-JR-N-WARC
out there that can tell me the distance from the mast point to each of
the elements?

Now if the WARC element is too close to the mast point as I fear it is,
could it be mounted and used parallel to the boom and a few feet above

TNX in advance

Ted - W8TTS

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