[TowerTalk] 40m beams

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Thu, 28 Oct 1999 20:45:40 -0600


You did not say which mode or modes you are interested in.
If you want both CW and SSB, full size or nearly full size is
the best way to go.  40M is a GREAT  DX  band with just 
about every country in the world available.  (The only ones
I need on 40M are A5, BS7, and P5).

If you would be satisfied with good CW and fair SSB performance,
a loaded antenna will save you $$, rotor size, and windload.

I am very happy with my Cushcraft 402CD at 95 ft.

Before I had any beams on 40M, I worked over 300 countries
using rotary dipoles at 80 ft so I expect a small beam at 75 ft
will do just fine.

The main advantage of a 3L vs. 2L is improved F/B ratio.

Elements   Boom  Length     Gain     	F/B

     2            20 ft	       6.5 dBi	Low

     3	       36 ft	       7.5 dBi	High

     3            48 ft	       8.+ dBi	Moderate

This assumes full size elements.

BTW,  if you select an A3WS for 12/17 I would also recommend
you get the 30M add-on kit.  30M is a super band.

73 / GL,  Tom  N4KG

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