[TowerTalk] Quad swr at 2 ele and 3 ele

steve steve@netmakers.com
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 18:12:15 -0400

Hi all
 first I would like to start off by saying that when I first put up the
tri band quad I used 2 elements 8' apart ( 10m-21m-15m ) swr was around
1.5 to 1 or better at resonate freq.
Now I added a director  at 6' from driven and 87" from Reflector .
driven is now close to the mast . it uses a lighting bolt balun and the
same coax but now the swr is 2. to 1 and the resonate freq. is 22.230
mhz  at 1.3 to one . the lengths were used from bill Ore quad book. for
each band. any and all help is needed thanks TTers KC8GCA steve

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