[TowerTalk] towers/liability/permits/wind speed

The Tolberts jtolbert@gremlan.org
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:52:20 -0500

A recent cold front that moved through Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pa
had wind gusts clocked at over 83 mph, sustained at 60+ for several hours.
Talk on all the local repeaters and mailing lists centered around how much
damage the local ham population suffered. Other than a local with an old
Hustler vertical that broke no one that I am aware of suffered any damage to
their towers, certainly none of them fell over. This in spite of all the
trees, power poles, tv antennas and even a cement retaining wall that fell
on a police cruiser ( yes, parked at a donut shop. They were not injured but
their eyes were "glazed" over :) ) Food for thought next time a zoning
board, insurance company or homeowners association questions the ability of
a properly erected amateur tower to sustain heavy winds.

73 Jamie WW3S

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