[TowerTalk] Do tall crank-up towers really work?

K2we@aol.com K2we@aol.com
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:10:51 EST

Hi Wes,
    I've owned a Tri-ex LM-470D now for over 17 years. I live on a standard 
70 x 120 city lot. While I would have loved to put up 100+ feet of 45G with a 
huge stack, it wasn't meant to be.

The motorized crank up is a perfect answer to the situation here. I had a 
Mosley Classic 204 and a 2 element cushcraft 40 meter yagi on it for many 
years. I took the tower down to re-cable it  (first time in 15 years) and 
replaced the 2 above antennas with a Force 12 Magnum 520/340. That was up for 
3 years. Last year I replaced that with a Force 12 C-31XR. The other day, we 
had winds of almost 65 MPH. I have a CCTV camera on my roof looking at the 
tower.. Considering the high winds, I pointed the yagi into the wind and 
while trees fell all over the area, the antenna & tower hardly moved..

I usually keep the tower at it's full extended height of 70'. If I know the 
winds will really be strong, I'll lower it to about 55'. I have to say, it's 
a pleasure to use and too work on. I inspect the cables and pulley's every 
few months. I have re-sprayed several spots on the tower with cold 
galvanizing compound where some rust started to show.

I'm now 52. I'm not 20 years old any more. Being able to lower the tower to 
work on it is great. I've been installing antenna's now for 36+ years. I 
helped a friend install 120' of AB-105 tower.. I would not want to have to 
work on and maintain such a large tower by my self..

I think you'll be very pleased with a motorized crank-up. If you keep it at 
50-55' and raise it only when you need it, everyone will be very happy.

Good Luck..

73  Steve/K2WE

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