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  Just read you post dated 1-23 re: the use of telephone poles, all well 
thought out. Although using a pole would solve some of the "eyesore" business 
you spoke of, I have not run across any plans or schemes for attaching the 
mast to the pole. If you would not mind, I would like to know what a few 
options for this might be, and where the hardware would be typically 
purchased (maybe the power company and not Home Depot!). Thanks in advance 
for any insights you may be able to share.
                                            Drew Braytenbah, KD4QCX             
    Drew, I'm glad you saw the wisdom of my thinking as several others have.  
I describe here the best all time way to handle beams I've ever seen using a 
pole or self supporting tower. Tighten your seat belt.  You must be 
intellectually cleared for new ideas?  
   For normal mounting I would get 3" aluminum angle no less than 1/8" thick 
and through bolt it to the pole or use damn big lag bolts.  Have it welded to 
a thick wall 6" aluminum pipe for the mast to go through on top.  Make a 
platform for the thrust bearing at the bottom and one for the rotor.  Do this 
before installation of the pole. Have steps added and at the top install 4 
eyelet tie points and pulleys for inverted vees or other wire antennas.  
These double as guys for safety measure for the big storms.  
    Or slip a 10' length of tower 5' on the pole, secure it with big lag 
bolts and brackets and use the top 5' for rotor and mast.  Or attach the 
tower to the side of the pole.  
 Best Of All:
    Tightly suspend 2 1/4" cables near the pole from braced brackets or arms 
at the top of the pole to the same near the ground.  Slip the cables through 
the legs of a 10' tower section with diameter reducing aluminum inserts 
epoxies in each end.  Install rotor and mast in tower section just like old 
times. Have a wide covered pulley wheel with cable guides on both sides at 
the top and a cable down the back side to a fast winch to pull the tower 
section up to the top.  40 years ago I saw W6LI let a big beam come screaming 
down a 100' self supporting tower on the cables and the pony brake slowed it 
down for a beautiful 2 point landing in 20 seconds.  I had to visit the Men's 
room after seeing that.  Or use a pulley at the bottom and a cable to your 
car or power lawn mower to raise or lower it and have a way to secure it with 
cable loops.  I have speeded up prop pitches driving tapered drums to raise 
it.  I've also seen experienced tower men speechless for some time after 
seeing this.  I have pictures and will get them scanned for E-mailings.  Its 
a good idea to have a rope pulley half way up to support half the weight of 
the coax and rotator cable.
Or have the hoisting return cable on the back side pull an equal counter 
weight like a pail of bricks with 2 cable bearing pipes attached to it to go 
up and down the back side on 2 more cables.  Have a rope tied to this to pull 
it back down.  Besure to have everything anchored like if you remove the beam 
or remove the counter weight with the beam up but secure the cable.  Use 
Caribeaners.  It's a piece of cake.  All my man recommendations like for 
poles are interrelated to other advantages. 

You can build a platform under the beam which allows easy working on it or 
use a step ladder.  Widen the legs.  It's the "Ultimate System."
When they take down a big buildings, get the Otis Elevator System, Cables, 
Tracks and Motors and you can ride up the pole with it.  Press a button for 
the height you want and up it goes.  I'm waiting for the Empire State 
Building replacements. They just had an elevator failure.  I'm thinking of a 
75M beam.  I could have the Shack right in the Elevator Box holding the beam 
on top and eliminate all those big feedline losses and cost.  Use your 
K7GCO  Ken Glanzer  206 243 5174

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