[TowerTalk] rotor plate bolt hole patterns

Lonnie (NT6B) nt6b-vk7lm@dreamsoft.com
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 10:34:45 -0800

Hi Steve and Hello to the group....All TX-2 rotators that I have seen are 
not 4 bolt mounting like the Ham M,II,III,4 and IV's...they have 6 mounting 
holes using stainless bolts.  Although you can use the original 4 bolt 
pattern for the Ham series for the Tailtwisters by adding 2 additional 
holes to the pattern and plate the pattern is  different, not the same but 
it can be modified for the Yaesu series rotators....73's......Lonnie  (NT6B)

At 11:29 AM 2/14/00 -0500, K7LXC@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 02/14/2000 7:03:48 AM Pacific Standard Time,
>ryansci@InfoAve.Net writes:
> > Can anyone tell me if the rotor plate bolt hole pattern for the Yaesu
> >  series of rotors (800-1000 series) is the same as for the HyGain T2X
> >  tailtwister?
>      They are both 4-hole patterns but the Yaesu has a little bigger radius.
>Rohn rotor shelves have slotted bolt holes to accomodate both. Your rotor
>plate may be slotted too. How about asking the manufacturer if it'll fit with
>no modifications?
> > Would I have to shim a 1 3/4 inch mast to properly center  it
> >  for a TTwister or Yaesu rotor to smoothly turn a full 360?
>      Depends on whether you will be using a thrust bearing or not. With no
>thrust bearing, you can just let the mast turn eccentrically in the top hole
>if that's your scenario.
> > I am going to use the rotor on a rotor base for a US Tower MA550MDP.
>      Is the 1-3/4" the mast drive at the bottom of the tower? If so, you'll
>probably need to shim it if you want to use a Hy-Gain rotator. I have seen
>very few shim schemes that worked; generally they slip. You might want to
>talk to a local machine shop and come up with a reducer scenario that'll work
>better. Or go with a Yaesu rotor since you don't have to shim it.
>Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC
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