[TowerTalk] C31XR? ANT file - Problems

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av@contesting.com
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 03:52:28 -0500


If the CONTENT (intellectual property, antenna part measurements
included) of the page is not protected by the copyright, what good is a
copyright? A copyright means more than you can't run it through a
photocopier. If program source code is copyrighted and you use that
source code in your own stuff without permission, you copied it
illegally. Doesn't matter whether you used a keyboard to copy it, or
copied it with a pencil, or cut and pasted with an editor, or dictated
it. It's copied regardless of what media transformations you may have
used, or what notational conventions were used and/or changed.

The model file you posted (except for 3 elements) is an exact copy of
the dimensional material from the copyrighted page 19 of my C31XR
assembly manual.

I would suspect that you DO have some sort of copyright restrictions
there. Pretty hard to do international commerce without them.

At another level, though, why would one want to do things that undermine
a manufacturer that is staying in the ham antenna business and is at the
cutting edge of ham antenna development. Kind of like burning down the
corner grocery store. All that was accomplished is that now we have to
go to the next neighborhood to get food. And that guy knows he can raise
prices and sell spoiled food because the competition is gone.

As to K6STI, I strongly suspect he had permission to publish the TH6DXX

If Tom wants to come on here and publish his C31XR design, he knows how.
Otherwise those model file numbers belong to him.

- - . . .   . . . - -     .   . . .     - - .   . - . .

73, Guy
Apex, NC, USA

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> >K2AV wrote:
> >It is one thing to copy something for yourself and make changes for
> >yourself. It's your time, it's your paid-for aluminum, it's your
> >with your results, it's your up-and-down-the-tower-time if you screw
> >up. Publishing personally modified design, and passing it as the real
> >thing is another. Publishing the exact dimensions without permission
> >copyright infringement. Changing a few measurements apparently to
> >copyright infringement still results in copyright infringement in the
> >USA.
> >
> I am sorry to realise that my posting should be under any strict
> law. There is no such a rule in the country I live, unless the design
> protected by patent number, clearly shown on assembly sheet. Force12
> only this: Copyright, BUY U.S.A., Inc, 1995, on the assembly manual
> However, I considered that  .ANT file should not be under BUY USA
> protection. Maybe under K6STI copyright protection, but having TH6DXX
> from one of the web pages encouraged me to  post the file that I
> 73 Kele
> YU1AO/6

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