[TowerTalk] Re: C31XR?FINAL

Jan.E.Holm@telia.se Jan.E.Holm@telia.se
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 07:32:23 +0100

     More BS and stuff that has nothing to do with it
     from K2AV and K3BHJ.
     It can´t be against the copyright laws to analyze
     an antenna in a PC. It can not be against the law
     to publish an antenna configuration file for a PC
     CAD program, if so it would also be against the
     law to take a picture of a C31 antenna and publish
     it in a magazine or on the WEB.
     Now if I build an EXACT copy of a Force12 antenna
     Force12 might be able to file a law suit against
     me BUT if I can show that I have improved the
     design ever so little that law suit will not hold water.
     So you see most of what you have been writing in
     this matter is nothing like pure BS.
     de SM2EKM

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Is this to what Swedish socialism has fallen:  if you can't/won't/didn't
invent it, steal it from the 'American protectionists'?

Nice philosophy, 'Jim'.

Would you abolish copyrights and patents?

Do you have any copyrights and/or patents yourself?

Is your government a signatory to international c/p treaties?

Do you advocate disobeying any or all of these?

Take *your* 'BS' views elsewhere.

*no* 73,

Dave, K3BHJ.

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