[TowerTalk] Building Inspectors

Bill Heinzinger w9ol@dataflo.net
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:05:43 -0600

I was a LICENSED mason contractor, doing work in the City of Chicago.
In the 30 years, I never once had a inspector examine my work that had been
a licensed contractor himself or had taken the hours long exam that I took
to become licensed in brick/stone masonry.

I also found that in smaller suburbs the 'Inspector' actually may have been
a tradesman or contractor in one of the disciplines but not for the trade he
was examining.

Now this should not be taken as a slam against Inspectors. Most inspectors
are reasonable and willing to check the codebook when there is a dispute.
But the economics of small town budgets may not allow trained/experienced
craftsman to examine their own specialty.

On the issue of rebar in concrete. I found that very amusing.
Ask the PE or Inspector if they would prefer to sledgehammer apart concrete
containing rebar or without?

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