[TowerTalk] Crank up tower

K7LXC@aol.com K7LXC@aol.com
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:30:45 EST

In a message dated 00-01-28 15:37:52 EST, paulfinch@email.msn.com writes:

> Does anyone know what a used 70 foot crankup tower of unknown origin would
>  be worth?  It is about 20 inches (face) at the base and has four 20 foot
>  sections with the top section being about 12 inches on the face.  It has a
>  good amount of rust on the winch and has been laying on the ground for 
>  one year.  Other than the rusty winch it looks in fair shape, other than 
>  knowing what it looks like on the ground side.  The tower does not have any
>  "X" bracing if that helps.

     IMO it's between $0 and $250.00. What shape is the galvanizing in? What 
sort of shape are the legs and braces? You're going to have to replace the 
cables and pulleys and then divine what the capacity and reliability are 
going to be. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC

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