[TowerTalk] My first tower

Jason Hissong jhisson1@columbus.rr.com
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 23:00:54 -0400

Hello all,

I decided to take the plunge into putting a tower up.  After my adventure in
installing a low profile verticle (yep, I was sucked into GAP Antenna
marketing, which does not do much better than dipoles in my location) I want
to go for it and put up a modest beam.

Here are my plans:

A 40' 25G bracketed at 13' on the side of my garage.  The wind speed in my
county is 70MPH.  I have decided to take a really conservative approach and
put up a C3SS, a Cushcraft 2M beam, and possibly a 2m/70cm or 6M Ringo
Ranger at the top.  Total wind load about 5.5 sq ft.  I will also be
installing a 40-80M inverted V Alpha Delta DX-CC for different propagation
types and local traffic nets.

My biggest fear of course is the thing falling.  My question is, will this
tower be ok at 40' when bracketed at 13'?  The specs call for a bracket at
15', but I am unable to do this.  I really would like to go for a C4SXL or
something, but would that be too much for this tower?  (7.7 sq ft wind
loading at 90MPH for 40')

Any advice will help.  I have a couple of hams that have alot of experience
in putting towers up that are going to help.  I just want to do this right.
Also, is there an antenna list I can subscribe to?  I would like to get
other hams opinions on the Force 12 antennas.  I also heard that the
elements are not at ground potential... am I asking for trouble from

Thanks es 73!


BTW, I am really looking forward to the difference I will hear with the beam
than compared to my dipole.  After getting the verticle up and seeing no
difference between the dipole and the verticle which was a big let down
(luckily I have the GAP Eagle sold), I really want to see a night and day

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