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Hi Jason,
  Really don't have much time right now, so i'll be brief. Go for the
Force 12, C3SS if you have to use 25G, C4SXL if you can swing the 45G. I
wouldn't hesitate to invest your faith in Force 12 products, their
reputation is well deserved. I'm probably too conservative for some on
the list but with a bracket at 13 ft., i personally wouldn't go higher
than 30 ft. with 25G, and would feel safe going to 40 ft. with 45G, in
your wind zone. There are those who get away with all kinds of things
that seemingly defy all the engineering standards, but i feel safer in
following them, closely. As inexpensive as the Rohn tower manual is, i'd
recommend to anyone that they get and study it carefully. Good luck. 73

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