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May be you're referring to the so called "luxemburg effect":

"There is a very interesting ionospheric phenomena, the Luxemburg 
Effect, that was exploited in the early days of the laboratory and was 
a precursor of many perturbation techniques now used in many fields. 
Telegren was the person who discovered the effect, namely that Radio 
Luxemburg would heat the electrons in the ionosphere and thus transfer 
the audio envelope on its signal to any wave traversing that portion of 
the ionosphere by modulating the absorption."

...anyway, althought possible that huge energy fired against a small 
portion of the ionosphere causes something (experiments are done with 
radars at microwaves) to gas electrons, it's not a stright consequence 
to produce a non linearity and reciprocal mixing of short waves.
Concerning the Luxemburg effect I'm strongly convinced it 
never "occurred" other than in receivers with overloaded front ends.

Mauri I4JMY



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> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000  "Maurizio Panicara" <i4jmy@iol.it> writes:
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> > Preface, if ionosphere wouldn't be a linear media we should be in 
> > great trouble with the zilions of "gost" signals generated by
> reciprocal 
> > mixing of all radio waves there.
> I believe a study of ionospheric non-linearity (Luxumberg Effect?)
> was made 30+ years ago at Syracuse University.  They built
> an array of several 3L Telrex beams at 13.9?? MHz to excite the
> ionosphere.  
> WA3HRV (now K3RV) was at Syracuse then and through him
> I was able to purchase 5 of those antennas around 1971 or 72.
> I never did learn the results of the study.
> de  Tom  N4KG

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