[TowerTalk] R7000 vs. R8

K7LXC@aol.com K7LXC@aol.com
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 10:51:31 EDT

In a message dated 07/21/2000 7:38:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
ryansci@InfoAve.Net writes:

> Has anyone had the opportunity to use the new R8? I'd appreciate any 
>  comments that you
>  might have comparing it to the R7000 or R7.

    N0AX and I tested the R8 in our new HF vertical comparison test but don't 
have any comparison with earlier versions. I would surmise that the relative 
performances are going to be so close as to have negligible differences. I 
think one of the improvements was a better balun which doesn't have anything 
to do with its overall performance. The report is available from 
http://www.championradio.com. BTW, the R8 did well. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

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