[TowerTalk] More on Prime Directive - clamps etc

WA9ALS - John jfleming@shelbynet.net
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 17:11:33 -0500

Just went out and checked - Luckily, I did NOT saddle the dead horses!
I must've gotten some good advice from this reflector last year!  THANKS

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> >     You want the saddle on the live, or loadbearing, side of the
> cable. The
> > 'dead' side is the cut part with an end. The saying is "never saddle
> dead
> > horse". That is, don't put the saddle on the dead side. Clamp
> is
> > reduced about 40% by installing it backwards.
> OOPS - Glen Martin's pics indicate the reverse!
> For example, see:  http://www.glenmartin.com/catalog/page18.html and I
> just rechecked the Owner's Manual as well.
> Soooo, is this an exception to the Prime Directive?  Of course, I
> remember now, and will have to go out and see if I DID follow the
> manufacturer's (?wrong) instructions!  These are Kevlar guys, but I'm
> sure that doesn't matter except that you DO have to use clamps!
> Fortunately the Glen Martin 70 footer with the Hazer tracks bolted to
> one side has pretty low guy tension anyway.

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