[TowerTalk] Trees

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Thu, 02 Mar 2000 14:58:07 -0500

>In keeping with the main  topic of towers and antennas, has anyone ever
>tried to load a cat as an antenna?  What feed system did you use?  How
>much gain did it have?  I think it has been tried in Europe and they
>called it the "CFA" (Cat Fazed Array).  Has to be analyzed using
>unconventional fizix . . .  I understand that no matter what the polarity
>of the launched signal is, it always lands on its feet.

The CFA was invented by the same people who invented a perpetual motion
machine using a cat and a piece of toast with jam on it.  Since toast in
this configuration always lands jam side down and cats always land on their
feet, if you duct tape a piece of toast, jam side up, on the back of a cat
and drop the combination off a ladder, it will spin in mid-air forever.

73,  Pete N4ZR

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