[TowerTalk] Vacuum Cap and Larger Roller Inductor

Richard Thorne rthorne@tcac.net
Thu, 02 Mar 2000 21:38:34 -0600

Continuing to clean out my garage of un-used items.

I have a Jennings Vacuum variable cap, CSVF-500-0415 12 to 500pf cap
15kv, with a motor.  $100 plus shipping.

Large roller inductor, edge wound.  Not sure of the manufacturer.  It
looks very similar to the one at surplus sales of nebraska
http://www.surplus.com/RI-40.html  It also has a motor.

Also $100 plus shipping.

Both units came out of an unused antenna tuner, it was gutted when I
found it accept for these parts.  They are real clean and would make a
nice remote tuner for an invert L or something.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Thorne - N5ZC (Ex. KA2DSY, N2BHP, WB5M)
Amarillo, TX
Web Page: http://www.tcac.net/~rthorne/index.html

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