[TowerTalk] Hazer question

Richard Williams richard@prolynx.com
Fri, 3 Mar 2000 03:57:11 -0700


I, like you, am scared of height and don't do well above 20 ft or so.  I
have several different towers in the yard and none have to be climbed.   I
have a 90 ft Rohn tower with a Glen Martin Voyager on it (same as hazer, but
alittle more beefy).   I use it to raise and lower a Force 12 two ele 80 mtr
beam and it seems to work quite well.  It brings it right down to eye level.
The only down side is you have to disconnect 2 of the three guy wires
(actually 4 since I have the tower guyed at two levels).  This rates in the
(pain in the ass) catagory; but it sure beats climbing the tower.   Also,
you don't want to work on it when it is windy!

Another option which I use on three other towers is the fold over.  These
three towers are 80 ft Heights aluminum towers and I have a fold over
mechinism at the 40 ft level.  Tower folds in half and it is pretty easy to
work on the antennas.

Two other towers are US towers (36 and 56 ft rotating mast towers).  These
crank down to 22 ft or so and then fold over to the ground.   The nice thing
about the 56 ft one is  that the rotator is located in the base right next
to the ground.

I have not had any problem  with any of the systems (other than operator
induced) and like all of them.  The hazer/voyager system will not work on
Heights (or Universal towers) if you use the decreasing tower section sizes
as you go up in height (which mine do; start out at a 30in base and decrease
to 14 on top section).

Good luck and if you have any other questions, let me know.

Dick  K8ZTT
Franktown CO

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