[TowerTalk] Hazer question

K3GM k3gm@home.com
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 23:36:23 -0500

Bob, there is another option that you  won't see often.  Some real estate is
essential for this method.  My late friend W3GM had several 100ft
tilt-overs.  With a little welding to make a custom base, Gerry ran about 80
feet of Rohn 25 out along the ground which was used as a gin pole to tilt
the entire tower at the base.  As the tower came over, the 80 foot gin pole
rose into the air.  4 point guying was essential, and if I remember right,
no guys had to be removed for tilting.  I remember during one of the
contests,  we changed out a defective balun on a 10 degree morning with a
foot of snow on the ground.  The 6 element 15 meter yagi came over a gentle
as feather.  Sure beat climbing............7  3, Tom K3GM

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