[TowerTalk] Hazer question

Greg Gobleman k9zm@frontiernet.net
Fri, 3 Mar 2000 06:09:59 -0600

Hi Bob,

With the height of the Hazer and clearance to operate the winch, your
antennas will be about 8 to 12 feet in the air.  Better plan on needing a
ladder to work on them.  Good guying is essential.  The Hazer mounted on the
side of the tower can act as a lever.  The amount of twist in the wind is
almost scary looking.  Calculate payload.  Everything adds to the payload,
rotor, thrust bearing, even coax.  If you attempt to guy to the Hazer and
not the tower then the guys will have to be added to the payload as well.  I
have and old Telrex TB6EM tribander, a Cushcraft rotatable 40m dipole and a
2m vertical on an H4 on 56 feet of Rohn 25G.  With the thrust bearing, mast
pipe, rotor and cables I am near the max payload.

The plates they use for the thrust bearing and rotor are a hard aluminum.
Be sure to use large flat washers between the plate and lock washers when
mounting or the wind will work them loose and start gouging out metal.  You
will find that the bolts and lock nuts sometimes have to be mounted in one
direction and in a certain order when building the Hazer.  Unless you use
Glen Martins tilt-over feature or Rohns version, someone will still have to
climb the tower to rig the upper pulley.  In my case I have a set of guys at
the top and again at 28 feet with the anti-twist bars.  Everytime mine comes
down somebody has to go to the 28' level and remove the brackets.  I also
added a set of Phillystran guys to the Hazer last year and that reduced the
twisting motion a lot.  I will check the wear on the lock in a few weeks to
see if the tension from the added guys is causing more wear on it.

My only other concern is failure of the cable.  I am not lifting a lot of
weight, not like these guys with crankup towers.  But there seems to be a
fair number of failures of cables for crankup towers.  Not sure if this is
the same type of cable and if it needs to be lubricated.  I have seen no
indication of any rust and wonder if it is stainless.

Well, can't think of anything else.  Good Luck!

Greg K9ZM

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