[TowerTalk] strucural engineer in ohio for tower prefer ham

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Sat, 4 Mar 2000 10:03:25 EST

In a message dated 03/03/2000 9:17:11 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
steve@netmakers.com writes:

>  I am in need of a strucural engineer in the Cleveland oh area for tower
>  , What I need is someone who will look at my tower so that I can use it
>  above 35' , it is a E-Z Way tower
>   I have most of the info , city wants to make sure base is ok and tower
>  will hold the manufactures
>  wind loads in writting and the little stamp thingy on the letter. then I
>  can crank it up to 50' and talk the world. 

       I'd start with the ARRL Volunteer Engineers - they're at 

       If that doesn't work, ask your ham buddies if they know any PE's 
(Professional Engineer) that might want to do it. If you're lucky, maybe 
it'll cost you a bottle of Jack Daniels. Going to a real engineering firm 
might run over a grand. My PE charges $350 to stamp fixed tower plans but 
more for crank-ups, especially with no documentation like yours. It might 
take him 6 hours or more to run the calcs from scratch. 

      BTW Cuyahoga County is a 70 MPH windspeed zone and your tower is rated 
at 50 MPH. (Windspeeds for all 3076 US counties are under Tech Notes at 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC

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