[TowerTalk] Weight for slingshot

Al Williams alwilliams@olywa.net
Sun, 5 Mar 2000 08:42:41 -0800

For my homebrew slingshot (tripod made with 8 foot  2x4's, surgical (?)
tubing from home depot,
and leather from goodwill) I have used spherical lead fishing weights of 1,
2, 3, and 4 oz.  With
a light line (4 lb) from spinning reel I shoot over 120' fir trees with ease
using the 1 oz weight.
I dont use the 4 oz at all and only occasionally the 3 oz.  With my handheld
slingshot, my arms
arent strong enough to get over about 70' with the 1 oz weight.    I find
that it is best to get the
weight up well over the tree top and at an angle to be fully clear of lower
limbs on its way down.

I use four strands of 5/8" tubing about 18" long each, pulled back with a
homebrew winch made
from home depot L brackets and a long machine screw.  I can pull the leather
pouch back at
any desired stretch and lock the winch.  I homebrewed the release mechanism
using a U part
from a home depot alumimun turnbuckle and another machine screw going
through the U after
the pouch "handle" is inserted.

Variations of this super slingshot have been built by members of the Tacoma
Radio Club
(Second oldest in the USA).

73 k7puc
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>Hi Guys,
>What is the recommended lead fishing weight to use to slingshot a line over
>a tree? (That is: how many ounces?)
>73, Aloha
>Ted Leaf, K6HI
>Kona, Hawaii
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