[TowerTalk] Need Relay Replacement Help

Dennis Brickey n4dd@preferred.com
Sun, 5 Mar 2000 19:46:35 -0500

Hello and thanks for allowing me this  area of spectrum.  I
am trying to construct  a 5 sloper array using the ARRL
Antenna Handbook.  The slopers are to be switched using
a remote switching arrangement.  I was going to use an
Ameritron switch but according to the handbook, I need to
be able to isolate the shield as well as the center conductor
of the coax.  The Ameritron switch does not afford this
luxury.  In the handbook, they use Potter Brumfield model
number MR 11D.  I cannot find these relays and would like
to know if someone out there has a suitable replacement
idea.  I want to be able to run my amp so I am sure that I 
will need something more on the beefy side.  Any 
educated advice would be greatly appreciated!

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