[TowerTalk] TB3

ValErwin@aol.com ValErwin@aol.com
Mon, 6 Mar 2000 13:02:10 EST


I have heard the praises of the Rohn TB-3 for years from other esteemed tower 
experts such as you as well! What is so great about it over other bearings?  
What is the hole pattern on the TB-3? Hole diameter for bolts? Does the TB-3 
have a grease fitting? My current bearing with grease fitting is a Fafner 
(sp?) that I bought from a local bearing supplier here in the Dallas area. I 
cut a plastic funnel out that is WX-sealed (inverted) to the mast that rides 
bout' 0.25 inches above the bearing to protect  the bearing from the rain.

I am planning on laying my tower over in the next few weeks and adding a 40 
meter element to my CC X7. As my bearing is quite old,  I may use that as an 
opportunity to replace the bearing as a matter of preventative 
maintenance-whether it needs it or not.  Perhaps the TB-3 is a candidate - if 
it has a grease fitting ??

Steve, as Rohn is a tower manufacturer,  I would imagine that one of the 
"biggie bearing companies" manufacturers the TB-3 for Rohn.

Your thoughts are appreciated --


Val Erwin

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