[TowerTalk] Irrigation Tube Vertical/4 Square?

Michael McCarthy, W1NR w1nr@eecorp.com
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:13:19 -0500

> >-Where would I be able to get the irrigation tubing (QTH is Central MD).
   Many farming suppliers carry it.

> I suggest that you  take a trip to eastern Idaho (near my second QTH). It
> might be best to bring your flatbed truck rather than your camper
> since the
> irrigation tubing around here seems to come "standard" in 20, 30
> and 40 foot
> lengths (4, 6, 8 and 10 inches in diameter) . When I checked at the
> irrigation sales places they stated they were able to provide couplings

   The "Standard" up here in Mass. is 2" and 3" in 30' sections.

> and/or flanges for the ends. so the sections could be mated. One
> person (or
> two if you are feeling 'puny') can raise a single section from
> horizontal to
> vertical, but keeping it vertical takes a bit of juggling and guying.
> Raising several sections will take some planning, but will it be more a
> challenge to keep the tube from buckling than a matter of having lots of
> strength. I think I might be tempted to rent a cherry-picker and
> then hoist

   Strength should not be an issue.  I have a 6 el. 10M beam and a 4 el
15 M beam that use a 30' length of 3" for booms.  Both have been up for
15+ years through ice storms and hurricanes without a problem.

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