[TowerTalk] Beverages and Trees

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Thu, 9 Mar 2000 05:33:11 -0600

N4KG comments intersperced below.

On Wed, 08 Mar 2000  alsopb <alsopb@gloryroad.net> writes:
> Guys,
> I was re-reading the ON4UN Low Band antenna handbook and ran across 
> a  statement I need more info on.  This quote is from the section 
> titled"  Location of the Beverage"
> "Just as it is not recommended to put up vertically polarized 
> antennas  between tall trees, it is not a good idea to run a Beverage 
>antenna through the woods"

	Good thing my wires have not read that statement!
	ALL of my Beverages run in the woods and I can
	assure you I hear stations on them I cannot hear
	on the transmit antennas or stations I can hear 
	on the transmit antennas have greatly improved
	signal to noise ratios on the Beverages.  N4KG
> Would somebody please explain this.  It was my impression that trees
> are fairly transparent to RF at lower frequencies.  What is the real
> effect and its magnitude? 

	The US Military used HF in Vietnam because VHF	
	would not penetrate the dense vegetation.  N4KG
> What about the practice carried out by some of using galvanized
> staples to attached galvanized wire bevrages to tree supports? I see
> that even ON4UN attaches beverages to bamboo poles.

	I use insulated stranded wire thrown over low branches
	with a moderate weight.  The biggest problem is repairing
	broken wires after they catch falling dead branches.  The
	wires require constant maintenance.  Stranded wire solders
	nicely with a portable butane soldering iron.   Number 16 or
	18 stranded wire seems best.  A "mechanical fuse" can be
	implemented using smaller wire or string at the ends. It works
	well on a couple of #14 solid copper wires runs that I have.  
	(Ran out of stranded wire and I had the insulated solid wire. 
	It's a bit heavy but works fine.)   N4KG
> 73 de Brian/K3KO

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