[TowerTalk] USTowers and cables

Steve Babcock kinderh@cadvision.com
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 15:01:49 -0700

I have the US tower 589 (89' unit).  I didn't bother with the cable arms.
Just let the cable hang free from the top to bottom. I have about 2' of
offset from the tower at the top.
I crank this tower up and down at least 4 times a week (i leave it down when
not on the air) and i have never had a problem with cables catching even
when windy. The cable bundle is RG-8, rotor cable, and ameritron switch box
control cable.  The cable just piles up on the ground. HOWEVER, i have built
an enclosure for the winch and motor assembly for weather protection, and
this also serves to prevent the cable from getting caught up in the winch.
Simple but it works.

Steve VE6WZ.

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