[TowerTalk] Pulling Heliax through conduit

Jonathan Kaplan jonk@jskent.com
Sun, 12 Mar 2000 08:52:40 -0800

If you don't have a pulling rope in the  conduit,  tie the rope to a ball
of cloth
and fit it  loosely in one end. At the other end,  use a vacuum (wet/dry, or
whole house like I used). Put the hose to the PVC opening. It ought to 
suck the cloth and rope through very quickly.  I believe there are small
umbrella shaped devices made and sold for this purpose too, but I
have never used them.

Good Luck,

Jonathan KO6XS

At 10:34 AM 03/12/2000 -0500, K3GM wrote:
>Mornin' Tawkers,
>I have about 40 feet of empty, buried, 2 inch PVC conduit with four 90
>degree sweeps.  I'm wondering if it's possible to pull Andrew LDF4-50, 1/2
>inch Heliax through this, or do I have to plan on some excavating.  Also,
>was wondering if Heliax is direct burial............Thanks, Tom K3GM
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