[TowerTalk] Finding lat/lon, direction, distance, magnetic declination

Dale Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 19:59:45 -0600

You can also get lat/lon from Yahoo.com.

Click on Maps.

Type in your street address.

You should show up dead center in the map square.  The lat/lon will be shown
up in the URL carried out to the fourth decimal place.

If you don't have a street address, you can enter a nearby street address.
When the map comes up, put the cursor on your approximate location and
click.  That location will now be shown in the dead center of the map and
the lat/lon will be up in the URL.

Another map source is located at
http://tiger.census.gov/ (did you complete your Census today?)

This one's pretty cool.  Lat/Lon resolution is to the seventh decimal place.

dale, kg5u


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