[TowerTalk] Tower and X7

Daniel R Goddard cqki8fh@juno.com
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:10:04 -0500

At my present location I could only put up a 25 foot tower.  On this
tower I put a Cushcraft X7.

Hear the rest of the story.

When the antenna arrived all parts were checked and 2 pieces of tubing
48" in length were not machined right.  Two weeks ago I notified the
Cushcraft of the problem and they said the right tubing would be in there
mail the next day - right.

I have e-mailed and called Cushcraft several times and they would always
say "it's in the mail."

After waiting ten days I decided to make my own tubing.  The first thing
I did was to get rid of all those hose clamps.  I riveted together all
elements which made the antenna rock solid.  I put up the antenna and to
my surprise the SWR was flat on 20, 15 and 10.  I work everyone I hear. 
I even work some 40 meters without the add on kit.

The antenna (X7) is a great antenna but the support from Cushcraft
"sucks."  I have read  of  other hams who have had problems with parts
support from Cushcraft.  This will be my last antenna from this company.

Signed frustrated

Dan - KI8FH

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