[TowerTalk] Pop rivet technique

Mark . n1lo@hotmail.com
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:29:58 EST

Greetings Gang,
I have a small tidbit to share about pop rivets. I have noticed that a small 
modification of the technique that typically results in tighter joints:

Pull them SLOWLY until they pop.

What you are doing is expanding and flaring the inside of the rivet as the 
mandrel head is pulled through it. This forces the rivet's metal to flow, 
squeeze the joint shut, and in the process, the rivet material actually 
becomes stronger from 'work hardening'. This is a similar effect to how a 
black smith can make a metal harder by hammering on it to make it flow into 

If you pull the rivet too fast, you may pop the head before the rivet is 
fully expanded and before the metal has finished creeping.

Also, upon reading the neat ideas about assembling joints at cooler temps, 
it occured to me that a pitcher of ice water would serve nicely to cool the 
joint (and yourself) in hot weather prior to popping the rivets.
Nothing like a cool pop in summer, eh? I guess you could use beer, too, but 
if would be a waste on the aluminum, although still effective! :~D

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