[TowerTalk] Re: Yagis and Rivets

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Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:53:26 EST

In a message dated 03/16/2000 7:14:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
DAVED@ctilidar.com writes:

> As far as the possibility of using the wrong blind rivet, well that's
>  possible, but I used what was sent to me from the manufacturer. The initial
>  installation resulted in tight joints. Also, some of the elements had
>  factory preriveted sections. These are loose too. The big rivets holding 
>  element brackets to the boom are still tight. Oh well, I guess I'll just
>  sigh, remove all the rivets (fun job), replace them, and hope for the best.
      This is an interesting topic. While I've installed hundreds of F12 
antenna rivets, I haven't encountered any longterm (or short-term) problems 
with them loosening up. 

     I wonder if putting rivets on the opposite side as redundant fastening 
would help. Maybe putting a little opposition tension on them would help - 
this is a theory. Another thing you could do is to put in a TEK screw to 
backup the rivets. (A TEK screw is a chisel-tip, self-tapping sheet metal 
screw. Get the ones with Phillips heads and they install in a couple of 
seconds with yoiur cordless drill. I haven't seen one of those come loose.) 
Use of the TEK screw to me is a faster and better method than using a hacksaw 
to cut the ends of the elements and then using hose clamps in the traditional 
method (a LOT of retro work!). 

     As far as replacing them, it couldn't be easier. Use your cordless drill 
with a 1/8" bit and they drill out in a couple of seconds. 

     Maybe we'll hear from Tom, N6BT, on this topic. Maybe not. 

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC

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