[TowerTalk] Crank up tower comparison

Stu Greene wa2moe@doitnow.com
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 12:25:15 -0700

Tri-Ex and you have done tower owners a service with this posting.  Luck. Stu

At 02:00 PM 3/16/00 -0500, you wrote:

>We have elected to answer Dan, N5AR's e-mail to Towertalk directly  so
>any interested parties can review the response.
>In attempting to answer the questions for Dan we thought it would be
>advantageous if we forwarded his questions directly to Tri-Ex and
>have management respond especially since a couple of areas touched
>on were quite important and perhaps misunderstood.
>The response from Tri-Ex came in the form of a fax
>from Robert Vargas who has been for 30 years a most important member
>of the manufacturing team working his way up to the title of Executive
>Vice President of production.  Here is the response word for word from
>Robert Vargas.
>         My name is Robert Vargas, and I have been in the tower business
>         for over 30 years.  More specifically, I have manufactured the
>         Tri-Ex Towers during this period.  If I may, I would like to
>         clarify the design of the Tri-Ex Tower.
>         1.  The Tri-Ex slide design is a very unique design to enable
>         the sections to telescope with low friction.  The slides are
>         NOT made of plastic; rather the tube is formed on each end with
>         a special die.  On the larger outer sections however Tri-Ex uses
>         aluminum rollers for ease of operation so the sections will have
>         no difficulty sliding.
>         2.  Regarding the tubing used in the fabrication of the Tri-Ex
>         Tower, tubing is a high grade mechanical tube that is not
>         available from normal tubing stock, further it is required to
>         purchase mill runs in order to maintain the needed strength
>         and maintain Tri-Ex standards.  The use of these materials
>         enable the Tri-Ex Towers to remain light in weight and yet have
>         a high wind load rating.
>         3.  Regarding the questions on the Tri-Ex lift cables.  Tri-Ex
>         uses a single lift cable to the winch with a multiple pulley
>         system for mechanical advantage and less cable stress on the
>         main raising cable.  In addition, on all remaining sections a
>         cable system is used on all three faces of tower to lift the
>         tower evenly.
>         Robert Vargas
>We hope the above answers the questions on the operation of the Tri-Ex
>towers.  Since January, 2000 there has been a whole new of look of the
>Tri-Ex telescoping towers. A lot was done and we invite everybody to
>look at the new web site <<www.firstcallcom.net>> as it is loaded with

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