[TowerTalk] Rohn 45JBK ?

Dennis ae4ei@powernet.org
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 17:17:24 -0600

I just recently purchased 14 of these 45 bolt sets and noticed that in each
pkg there is a little foam pad about the size of a dime in each one.  Can
someone tell what this is for (if anything).  Just curious.

FYI--Just bought some new Rohn 45g tower sections also, and on one of the
sleeves, it was welded at a terrible angle.  At the point that I can't
connect another section to it.  It is very obvious that this was a
manufacture flaw.  After talking with the dealer and them contacting Rohn,
Rohn called me and ask for full description of the problem.  They would like
for me to send pictures to verify the issue.  If they deem that it is indeed
a manufacture flaw, they will send me a another section for free.  Will let
you know the outcome.  The reason for this post is here while back there
were several post regarding a lot of quality defects from Rohn.

Dennis, W4DWS

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