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Scott Hotchkiss w4pj@bellsouth.net
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 18:39:44 -0500

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: using conductive grease and clamps

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> Quads don't have SS clamps on the one joint per element.  Just a
> soldered joint that needs no maintenance--ever.  K7GCO

Some Quads I have built using aluminum clothsline type wire and secured with
Stainless machine screws and washers, and the joints were completely covered
with "Liquid Electrical Tape"<tm> by Starbrite.

I once had a 2 element Delta loop beam for 40m that had the wires (solid
copper 10 awg.) secured with copper wire compression  clamps and would
adjust the wires in early November between the CQWW Phone and CW
contest weekends.

A friend has a 6 meter 4-element Quad that was supplied with Stainless wire,
the type used in a "pound gun" for welding and those wires were also secured
with stainless hardware.

So, solder is not the only answer. However, none of these antennas were
up for more than a few years. (The 6m 4-el is only a cpl yrs old yet.)

de (Scott) W4PJ
P.S. The 40m Deltabeam was a killer aimed (fixed) on Asia. From S.FL
        I could work literally hundreds of JAs every morning. Plus HL, HS0
        DU,3W,YB,V8 etc. Beware, tho... every JA I ever worked QSL'd
        via the Bureau <grin> I think I gottem all QSL'd but if  I missed
        send me an email and I'll send out yet another QSL to the JA

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