[TowerTalk] Strobe Light Sticker Shock

Bob Lovell pizzabob@cookeville.total-web.net
Sat, 18 Mar 2000 15:43:39 -0600

Hi, everyone --

I'm extending a guyed commercial tower from 140' to 280' and will
consequently need to light it.  In order to avoid having to paint the entire
tower, I am considering a combination medium-intensity strobe/red beacon.

The Flash-Tech strobe I have on the 200' tower next to my home cost around
$6000-7000, I'm told.  (I didn't pay for it myself, so not sure. . .)  I
would like to avoid such a high cost for obvious reasons, as I already have
a H-P red beacon from another tower.

Anyone know where an inexpensive medium-intensity strobe can be had?  Surely
to goodness there's some sort of cheaper alternative, one would think.

Any replies appreciated -- thanks!

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