[TowerTalk] small tower with light weight HF antenna

sparks sparks@cptnet.com
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 08:55:50 -0700

I was thinking of installing
a light weight tower and a light weight antenna.

No problem here

I came across this novel design by Titanex
they have a very light weight 2 el design for 30 thru 10m

>From the "side dimensions" it does not appear full size on 30m

I would really welcome any and all feedback on this NOVEL DESIGN
using ONE central fed system 
http://www.titanex.de/quads.html    Is this a functional design?
they feed with their 250 ohm balanced line - claim 50 ohm impedence
on all bands ?

This ask around $ 860 USD plus shipping 
this is very very expensive -   at 33 lbs it is very light weight
I could probably build it for a fraction of the cost, if
I am "clear" on the central common split driven element !!!!

I consider TOWERTALK to be an awesome BRAIN TRUST
so I value any feedback on this DESIGN

Josh N7XM

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