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Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:57:50 EST

In a message dated 20.03.00 08:34:40 Pacific Standard Time, lwieczor@open.org 

 1.  I would like to start modeling antennas before building them.  I
 have never used modeling software before, and for that reason am
 reluctant to buy a commercial package at present.  Does anyone know of a
 "best" shareware package that will allow me to get my feet wet and,
 after some use, make an informed decision on a commercial package?
 2.  Here is the problem that led to the above decision:  I have a
 limited setup on my property for antennas and must make do with a single
 wire.  I am interested in only the 20/15/10 meter part of the spectrum. 
 Would I get better service out of an EDZ cut for 20 and taking what I
 can get on the other two bands, or cutting the EDZ for 10 and settling
 for whatever happens on the others?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
    LenW, KK7TA
Len:  Take s step forward right now and get Eznec.  Then contact me and I'll 
give you the K7GCO Fast Learn Course on how to use it.  You will be able to 
see the patterns on all bands and any height above the ground and the 
feedpoint Z.  It will stimulate you to try other antennas and when you are 
ready to move to another location with say 6-10 acres at a cost of 
$250,000-$500,000 or more, you will have all the dream antennas ready to go 
without delay and the space.  The cost of the antenna and software will be 
insignificant compared to the land you are installing it on by about 50 dB of 
$$$.  No one ever talks about the cost of the space more than one antenna 
sits on.  I didn't until I purchased 6 acres in SD myself.  I'm going to Gold 
Plate all my antennas, coax and plant yellow grass. 

During the mean time try the new Raibeam Tribander advertised in QST at about 
50' high and you will have a real adventure in Ham Radio that a LW cannot 
really provide in comparison.  Ham radio is a 360 degree concept that needs a 
rotary antenna.  Some day you will realize the value of the suggestion.and 
the money it actually saved you.  k7gco

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