[TowerTalk] Cleaning Aluminum Eelements

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Mon, 20 Mar 2000 15:15:10 EST

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Dave D'Epagnier wrote:
 > Cleaning the outside is easy. How do you clean the inside of those small
 > diameter elements?
 > --Dave K0QE
 Simple my friend... go to a gun shop and buy different sizes of
 those little do hickies used to clean the inside of a gun barrel. You can get
 them from .22 caliber up to 10 guage. 73  Ed
It's also a good idea to have a 1' extension made so you can get deeper into 
the tubing to prevent Aluminum Oxide build up deeper as tubing is frequently 
telescoped 6-12".  It can lock up on you further in if not cleaned and 
coated.  I have 12' extensions also as sometimes I use double tubing.  If you 
have old tubing you may not even be able to telescope it.  Don't worry about 
the dissimilar metals of the brush while cleaning.  Stainless steel brushes 
are stronger but are not as flexible and you need more sizes.  K7GCO

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