[TowerTalk] Cleaning Aluminum Eelements

K7GCO@aol.com K7GCO@aol.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 20:02:54 EST

In a message dated 20.03.00 13:32:48 Pacific Standard Time, w9ol@dataflo.net 
 >  > Cleaning the outside is easy. How do you clean the inside of those
        small diameter elements?        
 Why would you need to do that? RF observes the skin effect and only
 travels on the outside of the conductor. I always thought skin effect
 meant it flowed on the SURFACE of a conductor.

 How does the RF know if it's on the outside surface and not on the inside

That's easy.  It spills over the ends into the tubing.  Would you believe 
since the tubing is open on the end, it reflects a dead short 1/4 WL down 
inside the tubing where it shorts it out.  Reflector and director are 
slightly reactive but it also cancels out.  K7GCO

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