[TowerTalk] Two Die in Tower Accident - Followup

K4tmc@aol.com K4tmc@aol.com
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 13:55:01 EST

Wow, it really amazes me how the news organizations get stories wrong.  Now I know why I do not pay much attention to what I hear and read coming out of Washington, DC politics these days!  If a simple small story like this can not be reported correctly via electronic media, how can we trust what we see and hear on the local and national evening news??? Rush Limbaugh really is right!

The other major paper in NC (Charlotte Observer) has an article today about a CB tower birthday present turns deadly.  Here is the web address: www.charlotte.com/observer/local/pub/tower0321.htm

It appears that the people involved are CBers; nuff said.

I have placed a call with my local newspaper to determine how the story here in Raleigh indicates "ham radio" was involved.  I plan to inquire as to whether the local editor made the change, or was it made by the wire service source.  I talked with a nice lady at the Morganton, NC, News Herald paper and see assured me it was a ham tower.  After I insisited on talking with the reporter, who turned out to not be in the building then, she came back and noted that the Charlotte paper had the story as a CB tower.

I will report back to the reflector with any developments.  I apologize for reporting what I thought was true story.

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC 

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