[TowerTalk] Two Killed Erecting Tower

wa4dou@juno.com wa4dou@juno.com
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 00:12:38 -0500

Hi Mike,
  I'm not sure just what the thrust of your post is. 

  Rohn specifies two foundations for 25G.
1) for guyed/bracketed towers- .5-.7 cu.yds of concrete
1) for self supporting towers- 2.4 cu. yds. of concrete

  60 feet of unguyed application sure suggests to me, that its a self
application. Up to 70 mph windspeed, Rohn suggests no greater height than
ft. Windloading is 1.5 sq. ft. allowable.

  Even in a self supporting application, there is no allowance for 60 ft.

  In guyed applications there is no allowance for 60 ft. between guy

  Perhaps you know enough to second guess Rohn and to develop your own
standards for towers. I don't and i would suggest that unless you know
enough to 
do so and risk your life in doing so, intelligently, then you are
encouraging others to 
do the same. Some of them may not fully realize the consequences of doing

  I don't know anyone who would climb 60 ft. of unguyed Rohn 25G. And
i'll go on 
record as saying, "anyone who would is a fool."

  I'll climb 20 ft. of unguyed 25G. I know some folks who would climb 30
ft. of unguyed 25G.
I know one or 2 little runts who delight in taking chances who would
climb 4. I don't know
anyone who would climb 5 or 6.

  I'll bet Steve K7LXC would back me up on it too! :o) Ha!   73 Roy

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