[TowerTalk] tower accident

Tod-ID tao@skypoint.com
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 22:32:05 -0700

This has been an interesting thread -- especially when we focused on how to
avoid problems rather than condemning the victims. If we are able to learn
the details of the event it may be possible for someone else to avoid a
disaster --- and that would be good.

Roy's message had an end line that caught my attention --

  "Most accidents are avoidable with a little planning, forethought and a
lot of common sense."

The last major tower/antenna event which involved multi-persons that I was
responsible for I sat down several days in advance and 'scripted' every
significant action that would be taken. (I do this even when I am the only
participant). I noted all of the hardware and tools needed for each action.
I detailed the jobs of the people on the tower and those on the ground. The
script ran several pages long. Finally I printed up a number of copies and
the morning of the 'event' handed them out and made everyone read through
the script and ask questions if they did not understand something. Then we

As I reflect on it I suppose it was overkill, but everything went just as
planned. All the necessary parts and tools were there when we needed them.
Afterward everyone said they felt it was a "ho-hum" project. (I consider
that high praise -- who wants an exciting tower/antenna project). Did the
work get done faster than if I had not written the script? I don't know. I
do feel that every participant was knowledgeable about what was going to
happen next and the ground crew was able to organize their work using the
script elements and by observing what event was happening at the top.

Lots of planning and a good feeling when things went as planned.


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