[TowerTalk] Comments on corrugated conduit?

ValErwin@aol.com ValErwin@aol.com
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 19:48:08 EST


I know exactly the corrugated black tubing you are talking about.  (It is 
available with and without drain holes along its length.) I used the same 
stuff when I built my new home in order to drain the rain gutters away from 
the house. Home Depot has interface adapters to mate up with the drain spouts.

I also thought of the same idea as you but decided against it for the 
following reasons:

1. Since it is corrugated, the walls are rough and it might make getting an 
electrician's snake through it a little difficult. Also, it could make a 
cable "pull" a little harder, especially on the bends as the cable would tend 
to hang up on the corrugations!

2. I was unable to find anything that it transitioned to nicely once you 
"pop" out of the ground with it. Without nice transitioning at the  ends, it 
is difficult to keep out rain, small animals, etc. 

3. The material is non-UL flammability rated for the application that you are 
proposing.  You will find that some cities require UL rated conduit in order 
to route electrical cables despite the fact that primary power may not  be a 
part of the cable run. Your city inspector might have a real problem with 
this -- if he sees it!

Otherwise, go for it!  I elected to run the Home Depot conduit  and made two 
runs out to the middle of the back of my property. Why two runs? One Godzilla 
size for all the coax and a smaller one for AC power to power my tower motor 
and provide AC for soldering iron, etc.



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