[TowerTalk] Summary: Corrugated conduit

Leonard Kay k1nu@mediaone.net
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 19:54:05 -0500

Thanks, guys, for all the responses to my earlier question!

In summary (for those interested):
- Many of you are using this conduit with no problem at all.
- Many of you went with the 4" Schedule 40 stuff instead.
- Make sure to use the type with the drain holes, in any case.
  (Water will _always_ find a way in)
- Be sure to lay gravel under the conduit for drainage.
   (for ANY buried pipe)

Things to watch out for: 
- As they are pulled through, cables can get caught 
  on the ridges if you're not careful.
- The corrugated conduit does not have as great a
  mechanical strength - don't run vehicles over it!
- Water will accumulate in between the ridges. 
  (Not necessarily something to worry about)

Other things to try:
- PVC sewer pipe. Cheaper than the schedule 40.

Based on all this, I think I will go with the perforated,
but solid, 4" sewer pipe. After hearing such unanimous
agreement (on this reflector? Wow :-) ) about drainage,
I do want the perforated type.

Tnx & 73
Len K1NU

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