[TowerTalk] Re: What Should I Pay for Alliance HD-73-I Rotor?

N0OEL@aol.com N0OEL@aol.com
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 20:20:01 EST

Hi again David.    My experience with the HD-73 says its not a lot better 
than a 
TV rotor.   I have too many friends who have seen their beams rotate in the 
using the HD73.    And thats really hard on coax!!!   Hi!   It may be rated 
at 10 sq ft
but I wouldnt trust it to more than 5 or 6!!    Of course this depends on 
what part of the country where you live and what kind of winds you experience 
in your area.

I would rather own a Ham-M rotor for about $75 which has a real grabbing 
It would be worth the search to find one.    They were made some 20 plus 
years ago
by the Cornell-Dublier Electronics who sold the rotor line to HyGain.   
HyGain then
heavied up the brake even more and came out with the Ham II.    But I use a 
Ham IV and Ham-M and they hold up equally well.    

But, if you want to build an additional brake I suppose you could.   But 
syncing it with the rotor should be interesting.    Let me know what happens. 
  It might be a first!

Good luck!


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