[TowerTalk] Re-cableing of crank-up towers.

K2we@aol.com K2we@aol.com
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:55:30 EST

I've been reading with much interest what Dennis has been going thru with US 
Tower over recabling his tower.

I own a Tri-EX LM-470D Motorized crank-up. It's been standing at my QTH now 
for over 16 years. I bought it used and estimate it's age at about 30 years 

4 Years ago, I noticed the upper cables were starting to rust badly. Fearing 
the tower would collapse, I called Tri-EX and ordered a new set of 6 cables. 
They ran about $325 delivered and arrived in about 1 week. They included full 
instructions and a very detailed diagram.

I would have never tried to re-cable the tower without the paperwork. I 
removed the antennas and tiled the tower over. ( I have the tilt over 
accessory) I carefully matched the 4 shorter cables to there respective 
cables and one by one replaced them. No problem. I then replaced the positive 
pull down cable. The 5 cables took less than 4 hours to replace. While doing 
this, I took a close look at all the pulley's and steel brushed any rust 
before spraying with Cold Galvanizing Compound. The 6th cable was replaced 
after extending the tower out all the 70' on the ground. The tower went all 
the way out of my driveway into the street!! (my house is between 2 streets 
and my driveway is on the rear street). Replacement went very smooth.

I can only say that having the paperwork made this a very easy task. Tri-EX 
provides all the information in there owners manual too.

The cables fit perfect and the tower was back vertical in 24 hours. All the 
antennas were reinstalled that week.

I have has ZERO complaints with the tower and Tri-EX. Everytime I called with 
a question, they were very pleased to answer.

If your considering a tower, keep this in mind.

73  Steve/K2WE

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