[TowerTalk] Aluminum Tower Help

blueglow blueglow@mindspring.com
Sun, 7 May 2000 17:48:47 -0400

I have a 40' aluminum tower that I am planning to put up soon.  It is made
by HeightsTower.
I am looking for ideas on construction of a hinged base.  I don't need
anything fancy, just a hinged base to help errect the tower with to begin
with.  With no higher than it will be, I have no plans on taking it back
down soon.  The bottom section is 22" wide.
I am also needing a rotor plate and a bearing plate to fit the top 18" wide

I would be interested in paying someone to make them or if you know where I
can obtain them, please reply to blueglow@mindspring.com.  I have already
seen what Heights has for sale but am looking for more cost effective means.
I plan to put a 7sq foot antenna and a rotor on this tower.  Also any good
sources that you could recommend to obtain anchor bolts (J) for the ground
would be great.


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