[TowerTalk] Rotator info needed.

Koy Carson k5koy@odsy.net
Thu, 11 May 2000 22:57:42 -0500

Hello, I saw this list and thought it might be a good forum to find out
about a rotator I acquired.
 I recently acquired a Brand New HamIV rotator and controller, hardware,
manual in the original box. I have since discarded the box as it was not
so good, and have lost the manual. I was just keeping it as a spare
because Its twin brother, also in same condition is on the tower, and
should remain there for a very long time. I need to sell the spare I
have here, but am thinking the guy thats trying to buy (or steal it as
the case may be) is trying to under value it by a substantial margin.
What would be the current fair market value of such a rotator be, if I
wanted to sell it fairly quickly?.
Please help if you can, thanks, 73 de Koy

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http://www.qsl.net/lcr (Lubbock County RACES)
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